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Parcel Pending: Another State-of-the-Art Feature at River Trace!

As we move closer to the first completed units at River Trace, it’s important to point out how fresh and forward-thinking the planned features are in this exciting new development!

One of the key features at River Trace is its resident package management - an important service addressing the high volume of online shopping and the need for safe, secure and convenient parcel delivery.

River Trace will have on-site, on-demand 24/7 resident package pickup service via Parcel Pending – a seamless package delivery and retrieval system!

With personal notification through the Parcel Pending app combined with temperature controlled 24- hour coded locker access, residents can safely pick up their parcels on their schedule and without concern for the weather.

Like all of BelleVista’s projects, planned and in process, consideration is given to the importance of providing individuals and the community with the best products for today - and well into the future. The application of Parcel Pending resident package management is just one of the ways we continue to advance that mission.

Come Explore BelleVista – Quality Living in the Colorado River Valley!

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