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BelleVista Names its Holiday Home Decorating Contest Winners for 2022!

This year’s 2nd annual contest offered up lively new lighting concepts, brilliant colors and inventive displays that lit up an extremely cold evening in the snowy subdivision.

A little after 6:00 pm on Friday night, December 16th, judges made their way from house to house taking notes on each decorated BelleVista property in the Meadows, rating them on their individual appeal. Returning to the onsite Sales Trailer to warm up, discuss and compare their results, they set about selecting the 2022 Holiday Home Decorating winners in order from 1st place to 3rd place – rewarding each for their own distinctive look and exceptional qualities.

The 1st place winner of the $200.00 cash prize went to the bright and extensively lit home at 2261 Grand Avenue. With its variety of displays including decorative white deer and inviting holiday music it became the judge’s favorite overall.

1st Place Winner

2nd place went to the colorful corner property at Grillo Avenue and W Sabino Lane, where decorative lights outline the house, its porches and fencing, with a singular, beautifully lit tree wrapped in white lights adorning the south yard.

2nd Place Winner

For the 3rd place win it was last year’s contest winner on Sorrel Lane. With a change of color palette from golden to blue for 2022, along with other display changes, it was recreated into something beautifully new and appealing and enough to bring a win again this year.

3rd Place Winner

Congratulations to all the BelleVista Holiday Home Decorating Contest Winners for 2022!

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