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BelleVista Embraces Silt’s ‘Small Town’ Advantage!

While not everyone would choose to live in a small Colorado town - even if it had huge mountain views, year-round activities, and an all-season climate – Silt residents understand that their small town has a great deal to offer!

BelleVista’s continued planning and development has grown from the same understanding - that Silt’s natural beauty, along with its strong sense of community, offer the right fit for diverse and affordable housing options of single family homes, multi-family living and new commercial offerings.

All of BelleVista’s development is created to blend with the town’s vision for thoughtful growth while honoring Silt’s natural surroundings with open space, trails, and parks.

Along with Silt’s historical past, its present day displays an enthusiasm for thoughtful growth. And with the added resources of energetic people and town revenue, Silt ensures itself of a successful future!

BelleVista's Village Storage mini storage facility is an exciting concept now in the planning stage, along with The Village Center commercial development tentatively projected sometime in 2024, with plenty of space for small businesses from retail to light industrial!

We hope you’ll accept our invitation to embrace the many small-town advantages – old and new - that Silt and BelleVista have to offer!

Come Explore BelleVista – Quality Living in the Colorado River Valley!

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