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And the Winners for the 2023 BelleVista Home Decorating Contest Are…

Judges deliberated at length on Friday night, December 15th to select the BelleVista prize-winning holiday displays, with homes located at 209 Grullo Lane, 2122 Sorrel Lane and 233 Roan Court determined to be – in  order - the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

Beginning at 6:00 pm with a slow winding drive through the subdivision, judges made their way past each 'bedazzled' home, some adorned with small, beautifully focused vignettes to those more broadly embellished with brightly lit roof lines, colorful porches, plantings, and yards.

Reaching an early consensus that their clear winner would be 209 Grullo, with its extensive and creative use of bright, multi-colored lights on home and landscape -  it turned out as neither quick nor easy for judges to determine who would win  2nd and 3rd place - with several properties in close contention.

After careful consideration of numerous unique, attractive, and fun displays, judges were finally able to break a 3-way tie for 2nd place, followed by another difficult final pick for 3rd.  

With good weather and a much warmer evening than in 2022, the 3rd annual BelleVista Holiday Lighting Contest was deemed by this year’s judges as immensely colorful, both fun and challenging, and a shining example of a wonderful holiday event!

We congratulate all the BelleVista contest winners for 2023 and wish everyone our best – and a heartfelt Happy Holidays!     

1st Place Winner - 209 Grullo Lane

2nd Place Winner - 2122 Sorrel Lane

3rd Place Winner - 233 Roan Court

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